IMAWG AIMS to promote a unified approach for Indigenous fisheries by facilitating meetings between Indigenous organizations and specific government agencies.


The primary goal of Tier meetings is to provide a platform for unified engagement in fisheries co-management. Indigenous organizations are equipped with the latest research, technical expertise, and policy guidance to collectively represent their interests during bilateral discussions with the Government.

IMAWG participates with the Fraser River Salmon Management Council to discuss Fraser river salmon stocks via Fraser River Forum Meetings.

What are Tier Meetings?

  • 1

    Tier One meetings include only Indigenous organizations and their technical advisors.

  • 2

    Tier Two meetings includes discussions with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

  • 3

    Tier Three is the term for any meeting that includes First Nations, DFO and other organizations, including the Provincial Government, or third parties, such as the Sport Fish Advisory Board.



IMAWG follows a comprehensive annual planning process with three key steps: Pre & Post Planning, Vancouver Island Engagement, and Business & Communication. In Pre & Post Planning, they set priorities, schedule meetings, and plan with DFO. The Vancouver Island Engagement phase includes discussions, advice, and quarterly check-ins. Lastly, Business & Communication covers material preparation, regional engagement, and meetings for business and member requirements.


hishuk’ish tsawalk – everything is one and connected

IMAWG works within the perimeters of the processes of the colonial timeframes, however we recognize and respect the natural rhythms of our ecosystems and continue to work as caretakers of these lands and waters.