Under the terms of an agreement signed between the BC AFN Vice President, and DFO in the 1980’s, DFO and First Nations confirmed that Tier One meetings include only First Nations and their technical advisors, and that Tier Two meetings include DFO and First Nations. Tier Three is the term for any meeting that includes First Nations, DFO and other organizations, including the Provincial Government, or third parties, such as the Sport Fish Advisory Board.

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Island Marine Aquatic Working Group (IMAWG) organizes Tier One, Tier Two and Scientific/Technical Meetings open to all First Nations and First Nations organizations with interests in Island and marine approach fisheries. These are organized specifically to allow First Nations to discuss among themselves issues related to fisheries, and possible approaches, prior to being involved in any “consultation” with Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

Our ultimate goal is to create a space for engagement for a unified approach to co-management, while empowering First Nations within their local fisheries supported by the most up to date information, technical advice and recommendations.

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We participate with the Fraser River Salmon Management Council to discuss Fraser river salmon stocks via Fraser River Forum Meetings.


IMAWG is supported by a technical team called the Island Marine Aquatic Technical Working Group (IMAT) who uses both historical and modern science to review data and information to provide the best sound advice to Nations when engaging in co-management with DFO. It’s important to understand that IMAWG is not a rights holding organization or a decision making body, therefore does not replace fiduciary bilateral consultations between First Nation groups and the Government; we are here to support those discussions with shared information and advice.